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Research Interest

  • Political Methodology
  • Causal Inference
  • Machine Learning

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Working Papers

  • "Difference-in-differences Design with Missing Outcomes"

    Sooahn Shin
  • "Synthetic Control Methods with Pre-treatment Outcomes Missing"

    Sooahn Shin, Naijia Liu, and Soichiro Yamauchi
  • "Measuring Issue Specific Ideal Points from Roll Call Votes"

    Sooahn Shin
  • "ℓ1 norm Based Multidimensional Ideal Point Estimation"

    Sooahn Shin, Johan Lim, and Jong Hee Park
    Revise & Resubmit, JASA Applications and Case Studies

Teaching Fellow


  • aihuman (Available on CRAN)

    R package written in Rcpp for an experimental evaluation of causal impacts of algorithmic recommendations on human decisions developed by Imai et al. (JRSS, 2023).
  • issueirt

    R package for issue specific ideal point estimation developed by Shin (working paper). It uses Stan. Available upon request.
  • l1ideal

    R package for ℓ1 norm based multidimensional ideal point estimation developed by Shin et al. (working paper). It uses multivariate slice sampling for the estimation.