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  • MSS

    R package for multidimensional ideal point estimation (beta version).

Paper under review

    Twists and Turns in the US-North Korea Dialogue: Key Figure Dynamic Network Analysis using News Articles,

    with Heyin Yang and Jong Hee Park.
    We present a method for analyzing a dynamic network of key figures in the U.S.–North Korea relations during the first two quarters of 2018. Our method constructs key figure networks from U.S. news articles on North Korean issues by taking co–occurrence of people's names in an article as a domain–relevant social link. We analyze block–structure changes of key figure networks in the U.S.–North Korea relations using a Bayesian hidden Markov multilinear tensor model.

Work in progress

    A Flexible Bayesian Ideal Point Estimation Method for Correlated Multidimensional Ideal Points.

    I present a flexible Bayesian method for multidimensional ideal point estimation that aims to uncover correlated ideal points from multidimensional space. I first report that existing IRT and NOMINATE–based methods have difficulties in recovering multidimensional ideal points. The new method (1) substitutes the ℓ2 norm (Euclidean distance) of existing models with the ℓ1 norm (Manhattan distance) and (2) employs a multivariate slice sampling method. I apply the proposed method to the UNGA roll–call voting data.